Summer Reading List and Incentives

Help Your Child Avoid the Summer Slide   |   Junior High Summer Reading List

What is the “summer slide”?  To students with vacation on the brain, it may sound like an attraction at the playground.  In reality, it’s far less cheerful.
The summer slide is what happens when students don’t read over the summer. Often, these students begin the next school year reading at a lower level than they achieved the year before.  Not only is this discouraging, it results in lost time in their education.  Next year, we will be setting spring to spring NWEA targets.  We want to ensure students are ready to begin the year achieving at a volcanic level of achievement.
Thankfully, the summer slide is not inevitable. We’ve worked with your child to make great progress in reading this year, and you can keep that momentum going.  This summer, make a commitment to help your child climb up instead of slide down.
To accelerate reading achievement, your child needs a system that makes him or her want to read. This summer we are offering the program “Read for Burritos.” Students who want to spice up their summer and earn gift cards to Chipotle need to complete the three easy steps. 

Students need to read three books of their choice (reading level appropriate), complete one Prove It  form for each book and then return them to the Keller office during the first two weeks of the school year.  Once the Prove it sheets have been reviewed, the gift certificates will be rewarded to students.