Homework Policy

Keller’s Homework Expectations

  1. On Thursdays during 9th period you will receive a missing assignment sheet if you are missing assignments for class.
  2. On Friday you need to talk to all your teachers you are missing work for to do the following:
    1. Turn anything in and get a signature on the missing assignment sheet.
    2. Get a copy of the assignment to finish over the weekend.
  3. Monday morning by 7:38 – If you received a missing assignment sheet you MUST turn it in to the bin in the office with either signatures on the missing assignments or the work stapled to the sheet.
  4. If you don’t turn in the sheet, you will have a detention on BOTH Tuesday and Thursday of that week to help you get caught up.
  5. If you don’t turn in the missing work to the office by Monday morning,then hold on to the assignment to turn in to the detention supervisor on Tuesday.
  6. If you turn in all the assignments to the detention supervisor on Tuesday, you won’t have to serve the detention on Thursday!