Sports, Clubs and Intramurals

Agreement to Participate

During the course of the school year, there are a number of activities and events that are available to students that want to get involved outside of the classroom.


Students must have a  physical within the last 12 months on file (School Physical formSports Physical form) and maintain academic eligibility in order to participate. Junior high sports schedules, scores and standings can be found on the District 54 Junior High Sports Website.

August – October

  • Cross Country – Mr. Leiva, Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Mealer, and Mrs. Gora. 
  • Girls Basketball –  Ms. Groot and Mr. Stephens

October – December

  • Boys Basketball –  Mr. Stephens, Mr. Meyer, and Ms. Bedtke
  • Cheerleading –  Mrs. Adamidis and Mrs. Leiva
  • POMS- Mrs. Hoffman and Ms. Ghani

January – March

  • Wrestling – Mr. Leiva and Mr. Zdrahel
  • Girls Volleyball – Mrs. Gora and Mr. Aguilar

March – May

  • Boys and Girls Track– Mr. Stephens, Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Angel, Mr. Leiva and Ms. Groot
  • Boys Volleyball- Mr. Aguilar and Mrs. Theander



Please check the web calendar for up to date meeting dates and times for the clubs listed below.

Anime Club

The purpose of this club is to come together and socialize over the topic of anime. This may include drawing of anime, studying anime episodes/movie clips, and holding conversations of how anime has impacted both Japanese and American culture. Meetings are October-April.

Sponsor Mr. Kaper and Ms. Perales

[email protected]

[email protected] 

Art Club 

Weekly creative challenge activity.

Open studio time.  Students pick a material to explore and get the time to create.

10/4-12/13 on Mondays.

Sponsor: Mr. Polanco

[email protected] 

Chess Club

We will play chess and learn about chess theory and strategy. We will meet from Late October through February on Mondays after school in room 117.

Sponsor: Mr. Edwards

[email protected] 


GEMS is a club that engages girls in engineering, math and science topics. Some topics studied, but not limited to, fingerprinting,  adaptations, growing green, building,  and much more.

Sponsors: Mrs. Gora

[email protected]

You Be The Chemist Challenge Club

The “You Be the Chemist” Competition club will prepare students to participate in the National “You Be the Chemist” Challenge.

Students will compete in teams of four and will use our club sessions to: 

  • Study chemistry content  (atomic theory, electron configuration, the periodic table, lab safety, lab equipment, etc) in order to prepare for the academic competition. (date and location TBD)
  • Prepare and create a researched video that answers this year’s prompt. (due after the academic competition)

State winners will be determined by a combination of academic competition scores and video rubric scores. The top 5 state winners will advance to Nationals. 

Club is open to any interested student and will run from November to March. Meetings will be after school from 2-4 days a week (more sessions closer to the competition date).

Sponsor Mrs. Hoffman

[email protected]

Club Unify

Club Unify works in conjunction with Special Olympics to provide a space at school that lets students with and without disabilities interact and volunteer. We hold a “Respect Week” once a year, volunteer, and do fun activities throughout the year.

Club Unify meets October-April.

Sponsors: Ms. Miller, Ms. McGarry, Mr. Kaper, and Mrs. McGinn

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[email protected]

Environmental Club

The focus of this club will be on increasing our consciousness of how we impact the Earth and how we can lessen the negative impacts (e.g. recycling, using less plastic) through creative activities and projects. We will also explore what we love about nature (e.g. walking, hiking, bike riding, planting fruit/ vegetable/ flower gardens) and do them together.

(Club Meets Oct-May)

Sponsor: Ms. Leonard

[email protected]


Students will choose and complete a variety of STEM Challenges involving coding, 3D printing and much more, utilizing the FUSE studio website, developed by Northwestern.  Club meets October – February.

Sponsor: Ms. Hundley

[email protected]

Game Club

Game club will provide students the opportunity to play a variety of interactive games that will help students socialize, build friendships, and have some good ol’ fashioned fun! 

Club meets every other week October-May.

Sponsors: Mr. Kaper and Mrs. McGinn

[email protected]

[email protected] 

Fluid Power Challenge

8th grade students will work in teams to create a hydraulic powered machine designed to complete a task. The club culminated in a competition between teams at the district level! Club meets September – November

Sponsor: Ms. Hundley

[email protected]

Math After School Club

Students are able to receive help after school from a member of the math department with a focus on preparing/reviewing for upcoming assessments,  providing an opportunity for reteaching topics students may not have yet mastered, and answering questions from math assignments. Session dates/times are announced to students in their math class and are held throughout the school year.

Sponsor Mrs. Heldt

[email protected]

Math Team

Students work collaboratively to solve a variety of math puzzles/problems in a competition format.

Sponsor: Ms. Adamidis

[email protected] 

National Geographic Bee

The Geography Bee is opened to 7th and 8th grade students at Keller.  Students are required to attend one after school practice.  Two practices will be offered in December and one practice in January.   At each practice, students participated in  geography bee games and a mock Geography Bee.

Club meets in December and January.  There will be a total of four sessions, including the Geography Bee.

Sponsor: Ms. Ghani

[email protected]

Rocketry Club

Students will build, decorate and launch rockets. The club will take place March-May.

Sponsor: Mr. Strasser

[email protected]

Musical Theater Club

Students will work as a team to perform a few numbers from a musical. Students will incorporate singing, acting and dancing in their performance complete with sets, costumes and props. The performance will be for the talent show at the end of the school year. Meetings will be in April and May.

Sponsor: Ms. Stoeck

[email protected]

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors host fundraisers to support the building,  Keller community, and an international cause.  Students participate in service, leadership roles, and spreading school spirit. Club meets October – May.

Sponsors: Mrs. Konkey, Mrs. Leiva, and Mrs. Sundstrom

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Talent Show

Students will showcase their talents by auditioning an act, rehearsing and then finally performing their act in the all-school video presentation where their friends and family can watch. There will be opportunities for students to audition to be a student emcee, as well as audition with an act. Club meets March-May.

Sponsors: Mrs. Hoffman and Ms. Hundley

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WE Club

This club will focus on fostering unity among our diverse population.  We want students to create a strong sense of identity and belonging, understand and embrace differences, and promote equality.  Club meets September-May.

Sponsors: Dr. Kwak and Mr. Kaper

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Keller’s yearbook staff will help take pictures throughout the year, for our chronological yearbook, as well as create photo captions, and create the pages.  They also help with the distribution of yearbooks at the end of the year. This club will meet  Sept-May.

Sponsors Mrs. Drain and Mrs. Konkey

[email protected]

[email protected]

Justice League: Mock Trial Club

This is a club that is open to all students at Keller Jr. HIgh.  The purpose of the club is to conduct a mock jury trial.  This year’s trial is based on the story, Yertle the Turtle, by Dr. Seuss.  A young girl named Sadie is injured from Yertle’s (Turtle King) abuse of power.  Sadie’s mother is suing the Yertle to get enough money to take care of Sadie’s medical problems and to make sure Yertle does not abuse other turtles again.

The club will meet from February through March.  There will be a total of six sessions, including the trial.

Sponsor: Ms. Ghani

[email protected]

7th Grade Science Help Club

7th grade science teachers will host study sessions throughout the year with a focus on getting students caught up with missing work, studying for tests, and providing extra time for engineering challenges or lab work. Club meets as needed, throughout the school year. AM and PM sessions will be offered.

Sponsors: Ms. Brazeau and Ms. Hoffman

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8th Grade Science Help Club

8th grade science teachers will host study sessions throughout the year with a focus on getting students caught up with missing work, studying for tests, and providing extra time for engineering challenges. Club meets as needed, throughout the school year.

Sponsors: Ms. Gora and Ms. Hundley

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Other Ways to Get Involved

After School Study

Teachers are available to help students with assignments, make-up work, and projects after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the library stays open until 4 p.m. Students may use the LMC computers and reference materials as well as checkout books.

Sponsors: Keller Staff

Morning Announcements

Students run the live TV announcements.  You can be on camera or behind the scenes. Available every am when you arrive to school.  Daily sign up is in the media room, 134.
Sponsored by: Ms. Kowalski