Band Manual

I am happy to take this opportunity to welcome our 7th grade band students to Keller and to welcome our 8th graders back.  I am looking forward to another great year of musical learning and performance here at Keller. 

 The purpose of this manual is to provide band parents and band members with information regarding the program.  The band curriculum, goals, policies, and grading are all contained within this manual.  Please become familiar with the following information so that our school year will move smoothly and efficiently with the highest possible level of achievement for the students and the band being our main focus.

Our curriculum is taught in several stages: daily band rehearsals, weekly lessons, independent practice, and performances. 

Daily rehearsals are the main aspect of the band program in which students will be exposed to a variety of band music and fundamentals.  Fundamentals such as scales, terminology, achieving a balanced sound, and consistent intonation will be introduced and reinforced daily. 

Weekly band lessons will focus on individual progress as much as possible.  We will practice fundamentals as listed above and hone individual technique, embouchure, and tone production

Performances are of utmost importance to our program.  This is the time for the students to apply their entire prior learning into a wonderful musical experience. 

Attendance at all performances is mandatory for all students.  An absence from any performance will lower the trimester grade by 20 %.  Excused absences will be at the director’s discretion and must be requested by parent contact. Sporting events generally will not be considered for excused absences.  Any conflict with Keller sporting events will be worked out between the director and the coach.

Girls – black dress pants;  white blouse (short or long sleeve);   black dress shoes.

Boys – black dress pants;  white dress shirt;  black dress shoes;  black socks; black tie.

            Each trimester will be graded using the district approved grading policy for  percentages and letter grades.  The following is a list of graded activities.

Trimester Points

  • Music Theory Exercises
  • Individual Playing Tests
  • Weekly lesson grade
  • Weekly practice records
  • Attitude and  Participation
  • Performances


Weekly lessons are mandatory and account for 10 % of the trimester grade. Students will receive all of the points if they show up and participate.  One unexcused absences from lessons will not effect the grade.  Each unexcused absence after that will result in a loss of 2 percentage points.

Performances account for 20% of the trimester grade.  Performance points will all be lost if the student has an unexcused absence from any performance.

Weekly practice records are to be filled out by the student with a minimum of four practice sessions at a minimum of 30-minutes each.  Practice records account for 10% of the trimester grade.   

Students are free to leave instruments in the instrument room when they are not in use.  This room will be locked daily when school is out.


Extra Credit

Extra credit will be given for attendance of any out of school music concert event of high school level or higher (marching band ½ time shows do not count).  Bring in the program with student name on it for 2 points of extra credit.


  • Cleaning swab

  • Reeds – Oboe players should have 3 good reeds at all times

Brand – Jones or Lescher    Strength – Medium



  • Rovner Ligature

  • Reeds

7th grade clarinets – Vandoren 2 ½

8th grade clarinets  – Vandoren 3


Bass Clarinet

  • Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece                                                                                                                           

  • Rovner Ligature

  • Reeds

7th grade – Vandoren 2


8th grade – Vandoren 2 ½ or 3


Alto sax – Mouthpiece and ligature

  • Hite Premier Mouthpiece                                  —D-Hite-Premiere-Alto-Saxophone-Mouthpiece-MAIN0023417-i4620527.mac                                                     

  • Rovner Ligature – 1RL

  • Reeds

7th grade – Vandoren 2


8th grade – Vandoren 2 ½ or 3

  • Neck strap


Tenor sax – Mouthpiece and ligature

  • Hite Premier Mouthpiece                                  —D-Hite-Premiere-Tenor-Saxophone-Mouthpiece-MAIN0024624-i4618318.mac

  • Rovner Ligature   

  • Reeds

7th grade – Vandoren 2

(Tenor Sax continued)

8th grade – Vandoren 2 ½ or 3

  • Neck strap



Baritone sax – Mouthpiece and ligature

  • Yamaha 5C mouthpiece

  • Rovner Ligature – C3R

  • Reeds

7th grade – Vandoren 2

8th grade – Vandoren 2 ½ or 3

  • Neck strap



  • Bach 5C Mouthpiece (8th grade)

  • Straight Mute –Tom Crown  (end of 7th grade all of 8th)                               


French Horn

  • Farkas MC Mouthpiece                              

Trombone and Baritone

  • Bach 6 ½ AL   (8th grade)                                                                                    


Percussionists must have a stick bag with mallets for the various instruments.  You can order a bag with all of the necessary mallets (5 pair) from Advantage Network ( for a very reasonable price. 

Students will need a lyre and flip folder for our football game performances and for high school marching band.  I’ve included links below to order this equipment.

Marching Band Equipment


Flute and French Horn lyre and flip folder –


Oboe and Clarinet lyre –

Oboe and Clarinet flip folder –


Bass Clarinet and Saxophone lyre –


Bass Clarinet and Saxophone flip folder –


Trumpet lyre –


Trumpet flip folder –


Trombone lyre and flip folder


Tuba lyre –

Tuba flip folder –


Brass players should have valve oil and tuning slide grease.

All students should have a folding music stand for at home practice.

 I also ask that all students purchase a blue

1” – 3 ring binder and plastic page page

protectors for the music.

Saturday, September 3…..…..…………………………..………8th Graders
Septemberfest – 11:00 Band, 11:45 Orchestra
Friday, September 30…..…………………………………8th Grade Band
SHS Football Game
Monday, December 12……………………………7th & 8th Grade Bands
Keller Gym – 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, December 14……..………Concert for Staff after school
Keller Gym – 2:15 p.m.
Tuesday, February 7….………………………………7th & 8th Grade Bands
SHS – 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 9……………………………………….7th & 8th Grade Bands
Keller Gym – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 13……………………………………………8th Grade Band
Music in the Parks Competition – Six Flags