District 211 Incoming Freshman Information

Incoming Freshman Transition Guide

The Freshman Transition Guidebook is designed to help you navigate the pathway to freshman year. Please review this guidebook for details about placement testing, elective course selection, immunization requirements, and other critical components related to starting high school.  The Incoming Freshman Transition Guide has been posted to the District 211 Incoming Freshman Home Page. For quick access, please click on the link below for Freshman Transition Guidebook for the high school your child will be attending:

Conant High School Incoming Freshmen Transition Guide

Hoffman Estates High School Incoming Freshmen Transition Guide

Schaumburg High School Incoming Freshmen Transition Guide

District 211 Student Services Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact the representative below from your high school:

  • Conant High School Student Services – Brigit Cain:  847-755-3626
  • Schaumburg High School Student Services – Yassila Delgado: 847-755-4626
  • Hoffman Estates High School Student Services – Jennifer Beers: 847-755-5626 

Links to our District 211 Schools

Conant High School

Schaumburg High School

Hoffman Estates High School