Electives Classes


The emphasis of these programs is to enhance playing ability and provide experiences with a wide variety of musical literature.  Students participating in this program receive one small group lesson each week as well as daily rehearsals.  Band and Orchestra students perform in concerts including tours to district elementary schools, winter and spring concerts and a music festival with High School District 211.  Students must currently be enrolled in the District 54 7th grade instrumental program to be eligible.


An introduction to band or orchestra is a full-year class offered to all students who like to learn how to play instrumental music.  These classes focus on how to read and play music on an instrument of the student’s choice.


Chorus is specifically designed for students who like to sing and perform.  The choral music program provides an opportunity for students to develop fundamentals of vocal techniques and to learn a selection of choral compositions and styles.  Students will showcase their talents in a variety of performances throughout the school year, including a choral festival with High School District 211.

ART (ART900)                                                                                                                                          In this full year course, students create works of art using a variety of techniques and mediums.  Students will draw, paint, sculpt and create prints.  This class encourages an interest and experience in visual art.  A focus on creative problem solving and collaboration will also play a role.  Students do not need any previous experience to participate.


In this full year course, students will gain extensive knowledge of design and the ability to create multimedia projects.  Students will have the opportunity to learn and utilize computer programs like Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-Design, Comic Life, Audacity,  and Sound Forge.  They will also learn TV broadcasting skills.               


This course is for students who want an in depth experience learning about music. Musical concepts will be taught through playing keyboard, playing guitar, and drumming. Students will also complete projects including composing, audio editing and other using other music technology applications.

 STEM – Science Technology Engineering Math (STM900)

The STEM program is a full-year academic elective featuring a project/problem-based curriculum designed to challenge and engage students’ curiosity and imagination.   District Junior Highs implement two STEM courses designed with PLTW Curriculum.   STEM 1 Foundations includes Design/Modeling and Automation/Robotics.  STEM 2 Topics is a combination of specialization units including Flight/Space, Electronics and Computer Science (Programming).  There is no prerequisite for either course.

In 12-week art, students will be encouraged to express their creativity through a variety of visual art activities designed to build artistic skills and familiarize students with major art styles and artists.  Art projects will include paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures cartoon art, ceramics and more. Students do not need a special talent in art to enroll in this course.

In 12-week music, students will learn about music, listen to music and experience playing music.  Students will explore the elements of music through creation and performance using keyboards and guitars.  A variety of instruments and music activities will be used to learn rhythm and music composition. 

In 12-week  media, students will be introduced to the basics of multimedia production.  Students will work cooperatively to develop scripts and produce broadcasts while learning and practicing the foundations of personal and public communication via multimedia technology.

Students who successfully complete two years in the same language in junior high MAY qualify to receive advance placement at the high school.  It is therefore essential that students begin a Foreign Language in 7th grade if they wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

Spanish I (SPA700)                                                                                                                                             

Students enrolled in Foreign Language will develop basic conversational and writing skills. Instruction provides many supporting visuals and media to assist students in gaining greater proficiency in their chosen language, while maximizing the element of fun in learning a new language.

 Spanish II (SPA800)                                                                                                                                             

Students continue to develop comprehension, reading, and speaking skills.  Instruction provides many supporting visuals, media, and group activities to maximize fun and become proficient in the language.  Students must currently be enrolled in Spanish I to be eligible.

 Honors Spanish I (SPA940)

This course allows students who speak Spanish at home or have previous experience learning Spanish to complete Spanish 1 and 2, a two-year elective sequence, at an accelerated rate.  By condensing the course content into one year, students increase their opportunities to participate in other electives while still having the needed preparation to be successful in Spanish 2 or Spanish for Native Speakers course in District 211.  If interested in this course please fill out the Request for Honors Spanish 1 Placement Assessment.