November 29, 2023

This year at Keller we are memorializing those in our community that have gone above and beyond for Keller, and whose impact has greatly contributed to the legacy of Keller Junior High.

So far we have recognized Todd Suma from Old Town Pizza for his generous contributions and partnership with our school. Todd provides food for Keller events, as well as, selling delicious pizza slices to our students for lunch on Mondays and Fridays.

We have also recognized Officer Henderson and the Schaumburg PD for their support and charity in contributing food items and participating in our Keller Belong-a-thon annual event.

The Schaumburg Rotary Club was also recognized for their sponsorship of our daily breakfast club.

The latest group to be recognized are our PTA School of Excellence Committee headed by Trisha Anderson and Dawn Hoelzer. Ms. Anderson and Ms. Hoelzer have lead the School of Excellence commitee to partner with the school and community to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for students. Their work has included the Move a Mile for Mental Health and the toiletry drive in partnership with the Kenneth Young Center to acheive a School of Excellence title from 2020-2024. 

Here is what it looks like in our building.