Orchestra Information

Orchestra is an elective class.  Your child made the choice to play their instrument every day! (Good choice)  In rehearsals, we learn how to work together to create the best possible ensemble sound.  In lessons, students will focus on their own playing technique and skills.



  • Music performance is the largest part of being in Orchestra. Even when we are not performing, students will play their instruments in class every day.
  • Music Theory is how we learn to read and understand music. We spend some time learning about new music reading skills, and completing exercises to show understanding.
  • Weekly lessons happen in JH, just like they did in elementary school. Students are responsible for making up any missed work from their other classes.
  • Practicing at home outside of class is important to learn any new skill or improve on skills already learned. Students are expected to practice at least 4 days a week for 30 minutes.


Grading Categories

  • Participation and Effort 20%
  • Assignments 20%
  • Assessments 30%
  • Lesson Attendance 20%
  • Practice Logs 10%



  • Working instrument
  • Shoulder rest for violin/viola
  • Rosin
  • Music Stand at home for practicing